Recruitment Process Outsourcing- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Is RPO right for your organization? In this paper, John Younger, Accolo president and RPOA co-founder, shades some light onto recruitment process outsourcing to help you evaluate RPO for your organization.

The continued economic uncertainty is fueling the upward trend in human resources outsourcing, and this seems to be particularly true for recruiting. Outsourcing of the generalist functions, including payroll, benefits administration and employee relations, has considerable momentum today. The recruiting function, however, is now leading the pack.

This white paper will explore the three principle hurdles in maximizing the impact of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO): 

  1. Understanding your motivators for outsourcing this function
  2. Recognizing the root problems that outsourcing will and will not solve, and
  3. The top 7 success factors in identifying and managing the Recruitment Process Outsourcer for your organization.

Download the whitepaper and find out if RPO is a good solution for your organization.