RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is a strategic talent acquisition solution that offers many benefits for all organizations.  RPO can help you meet hiring fluctuations, reduce time-to-fill, improve candidate and hiring manager experiences, and provide an effective hiring process, among other benefits.

Selecting an RPO company for your outsourced recruiting is a big decision for any organization. While some RPO engagements are short-term and lower-budget, most RPO agreements are long-term partnerships with big business impact. When selecting an RPO company, look for a partner who can meet your specific recruiting needs and understand your unique business culture.

The RPO Discovery Center was designed with input from Talent Acquisition experts and RPO professionals, based on their real experiences with RPO proposals (RFPs) and  Request for Information (RFIs), as an open-source, free tool for the talent acquisition community.

Access the RPO Discovery Center to:

  • Search for RPO companies based on industry, geography, positions, services offered.
  • View detailed company insight including RPO capabilities and contact information.
  • Find the most comprehensive list of existing RPO companies in the United States.

All RPO companies listed in the directory are vetted by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association based on experience and credibility.  As RPO services and SLA (service level agreements) differ greatly from traditional staffing and recruiting, a minimum of three RPO engagements are expected from experienced RPO companies and a client list is either provided or available upon request.

The RPO Discovery Center is available at no charge with your free RPOA membership. Login or signup to access tool.