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Webinar: How to Use the Seventh Level Framework to Attract and Engage Top Talent

In using the Seventh Level to Attract and Retain Talent, Amanda Slavin—founder and CEO of CatalystCreativ and creator of the Seventh Level Engagement Framework—will hand recruiting professionals the tools they need to attract and retain top talent, by elevating engagement between hirer and hiree, employer and employee.

Using the Seventh Level, Amanda will demonstrate how common issues faced by recruiters—low response-rates to emails, those placed in positions becoming dissatisfied, and more—can be avoided, or rectified by placing a greater emphasis on engagement.

What you will learn

How to utilize the Seventh Level Engagement Framework to form more meaningful connections with candidates, and solidify those bonds even after talent has been brought aboard.

Who should attend

Recruiters and talent acquisition leaders interested in better understanding the critical role engagement plays in not only attracting, but retaining top-tier talent.

About the speaker

amanda slavin Amanda Slavin is the founder and CEO of CatalystCreativ, an award-winning, engagement-focused brand consulting firm. In her past life as an educator and academic, Amanda’s work centered around research conducted by Bangert-Drowns and Pyke, which focuses on a taxonomy of student engagement.

Amanda realized this framework could be modified and adapted to analyze and enhance engagement in the realms of marketing and employee relations, as well. And the Seventh Level was born—a proprietary engagement framework that informs all of the work performed by CatalystCreativ.

Amanda lives in Manhattan with her husband, Jonathan, and their extremely fluffy cockapoo, Chaz. You can reach out to Amanda via email ( or by calling her cell ( 917-655-2491).