Webinar: If Your RPO Provider Says This, Buyer Beware

Let’s face it. Sometimes vendors over promise and under deliver. How can you know if that will be the case with your RPO provider? In this webinar, Melinda Gotcher, Director of Talent Acquisition from Novotus, and Jen Iliff, VP of Marketing from Novotus, will explore some of the tell tale signs that could indicate trouble is on the horizon.

Melinda Gotcher, Director Talent Acquisition at Novotus,brings over 20 years of recruiting industry experience to her role as Director of Talent Acquisition. She has spent 18 years leading talent acquisition teams at First USA and Progressive Insurance before joining the Novotus team.

Her background as a corporate recruiting manager provides Melinda with the professionalism, management skills, and integrity to successfully lead a team of recruiters. Gotcher focuses on providing effective solutions to complex hiring challenges.

Jen Iliff is a veteran marketing professional and serves as the Vice President of marketing for Novotus. Jen specializes in developing innovative marketing programs with emphasis on branding and strategic planning.

Before serving Novotus, Jen Iliff directed the marketing and public relations activities for a leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider. Earlier in her career she held senior marketing and sales management positions at a leading midwest regional bank. She is also the founder of 3X Marketing, an outsourced marketing solutions company. She has almost 20 years of sales, marketing, public relations and corporate communications experience.