An Aberdeen Insight Report produced in collaboration with the RPOA

Understanding Your Skills Gap. 

Everywhere we look, analysts are painting a rosy picture about hiring, job growth, and market ascendancy. Word on the street, however, is that wages are stagnant or down, employees are unhappy or unfulfilled, and employers are still failing to increase productivity.

How can both of these scenarios be true? It turns out that there are still massive disconnects between how employers are hiring, the kinds of talent they think they need, and what the workforce is prepared to deliver in the context of these two factors.

As the workplace and the workforce continue to misread each other, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is fast-emerging with a strong value proposition to bring these two entities closer together than they have been in years. In fact, among top market performers, those who use RPO are 1.6 times more likely than their competitors to hire one of the three candidates identified for a role more than 50% of the time.

In this report, you will find:

  • What does the workforce look like? Why might the employment picture not be as healthy as we are led to believe, and what does that mean for employers?
  • What are Best-in-Class companies doing to respond to the challenges of modern employment?
  • How is RPO a Best-in-Class resource to answer the challenge?

Download this report to get a better understanding of the existing skills gap and the benefits RPO provides to overcoming this challenge.