Webinar: A Recruiter's Roadmap to Hiring in 2015

Recruiting in 2015 will likely be the most competitive environmnet we've seen.

Last year, unemployment was the lowest its been since 2008, yet it took companies an average of 25 days to fill open positions (39 days for technology-related hires).

In this webinar, John Younger explains the changing landscape of recruiting in 2015 and the best recruiting strategies to keep you competitive in a high-demand labor market.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Seven tips to help you navigate the 2015 recruiting landscape
  • Why a broad and targeted outreach recruiting strategy wins
  • How you might be shooting yourself in the foot with your job descriptions
  • What categories and industries have the most competitive jobs to fill in 2015 

Who should view and why:

Executive HR and Talent Acquisition leaders looking to win in a competitive recruiting environment with successful recruiting strategies. 

View this webinar and learn the seven best recruiting strategies to ensure your hiring success in 2015.

Originally Presened on: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 @ 1EST/10PST 

About the Speaker

John_Younger-1John Younger, Accolo Inc., Founder and RPOA Co-Founder - John has successfully conceived, developed and implemented three successful recruitment solutions over the last 25 years. John is a recovering software developer who came to recruitment from a systems engineering and programming background. As a VP of human resources for Bank of America, John led technical recruitment for an organization of 16,000 people. He also designed and implemented the first on-site facilitator program with Olsten Corporation for the delivery of temporary services. John is the co-founder of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association and a fequently speak for RPOA and other top industry organizations.