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[Webinar] Recruiting Data RPO Providers Should Know

How to explain today’s recruitment landscape to your clients while improving your hire rate

COVID-19 has turned recruitment and talent acquisition on its head: the economy is in flux, unemployment has surged exponentially, and job seeker's behavior is unpredictable.

Whether your clients need candidates now or they’re preparing for a hiring surge in the coming months, it will be important to level-set the current recruitment conditions and implications it could have on hiring outcomes.

Join us for this webinar as Leah Daniels, Appcast’s SVP of Strategy, equips you to have those conversations with your clients and build agility and stability into your recruiting plan.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The current state of the hiring landscape including the latest industry data
  • A data-driven way to discuss with your clients why getting hires is difficult right now, despite high unemployment
  • How you can pivot your recruiting process to align with shifting market conditions and improve your hire rate

Who should watch this webinar?

RPO leaders and other recruiting providers.

About the Speaker

Leah_headshot_roundLeah Daniels, SVP Strategy Leah is the SVP of Strategy at Appcast, the leading programmatic job posting platform. Since joining Appcast, Leah has helped the top recruitment ad agencies, job boards, RPOs, gig employers, and staffing firms, lower their overall cost of candidate acquisition through programmatic ad buying. Prior to joining Appcast, Leah has held a number of roles in the recruiting technology industry, including the Director of Product Strategy at Monster, and Director of Global Alliances & Business Development at Bullhorn. Earlier in her career, Leah spent 10 years at ZoomInfo leading sales operations, product management, national accounts, business development, and data services.

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