Culture Fit Disrupted: How Corporate Culture Can Win You Top Talent [eBook]

Today, winning the war on attracting top talent for your organization requires innovative business strategies. Dangling higher salary and a comprehensive employee benefits in front of prospective candidates is no longer effective. With a hot labor market defined by a growing open jobs rate and shrinking unemployment rate, candidates are in the driver seat.

Candidates are drawn to organizations with the right culture fit. That is, they are looking for organizations whose core values and corporate culture are in alignment with their own beliefs and behaviors. Your corporate culture is therefore a main driver for attracting top talent. It is also the foundation of having engaged employees and being a great workplace.

In this 30-page informatitve eBook, you will learn:

  • What is a passive candidate and why hire one?
  • Defining your workplace: 3 Steps for creating your corporate culture
  • Get engaged at work: how to create an engaging workplace
  • Making the business case for change
  • Lessons learned from a 15 times winner of Best Workplace company

Download this eBook and access tips and guidelines necessary to engage your employees and build a culture that draws in the top talent that can make your organization the next Great Place to Work.

Authors: Dwight Cooper and Sarah Palmer