The current state of the labor market is creating extreme constraints on organizations’ ability to hire talent and meet demands. In a recent RPO report produced by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association and written by HR industry analyst, podcaster and author, Ben Eubanks, five additional culprits compound the complexities of today’s hiring environment for RPOs: (1) company policies, (2) compensation hikes, (3) skills gap, (4) outsourced relationships, and (5) recruiter turnover.

Both access to real, relevant market data and the ability to easily communicate and share this data with key stakeholders are crucial to today’s hiring challenges as expressed by a VP of talent acquisition and retention for a global firm with over 70,000 employees.

“I have had to lead discussions internally about the current state of the market, because even though it’s in the news not all of our hiring leaders know the extent of it or how it applies directly to our industry or our jobs. Leading with real, relevant data brings other business leaders into the conversation and makes them part of the solution. If my hiring partner wanted to make me aware of these kinds of things with real data, that would help me to advocate for them with our other stakeholders.”

In this webinar, Paige Drews, Vice President of Talent Solutions at Talroo, offers RPO providers and their clients a pragmatic technology solution to stay informed of real, relevant data on the labor market.

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Paige Drews

Paige Drews
Vice President of Talent Solutions at Talroo

Paige Drews is Vice President of Talent Solutions and responsible for the process, systems and growth of the direct channel at Talroo.

Paige has extensive experience in growing high velocity sales teams while maintaining efficiency and scalability for a sustainable business model. Prior to Talroo she was the Vice President of Sales for Indio Technologies where she built a start-up foundation and saw growth that led to a successful acquisition and exit.

Paige has a B.S. in Agricultural Development and Leadership from Texas A&M University.

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