In August, 2021, eleven RPO leaders representing more than 200 employer clients and 50,000+ hires a year met to explore the dynamics of the current market.

To ensure a balanced perspective, personal interviews were conducted with six talent and HR executives at firms ranging from 3,000 to 70,000+ employees to understand their priorities for their recruiting service provider partners. This report brings those two qualitative data sets together to paint a picture of what it takes to build a successful RPO relationship in today’s market.

The Realities Today

None of us can turn on the news or read a headline without hearing about the talent issues today. There are more job openings now than in early 2020, which was the previous record high for available jobs. To compound that, workforce participation is lagging, with some people holding off from re-entering the workforce due to safety and health concerns, requirements about in-person work, and other needs. According to one source, there are about one million more job openings than people looking for work right now. 

These macroeconomic factors are driving a hiring frenzy like we’ve never seen before, but other unique factors are also playing a part. Learn what these factors are and some of the creatives approaches talent acquisition leaders are using today. 

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What TA Leaders Said

“Phenomenal report, well done! You’ve captured the essence of what we are all going through. Awesome work and thank you!”

Jason Krumwiede
RPOA Advisory Board Member

“Partner with us! Our success is also our hiring partner’s success. In today’s strange market, we’re open to new ideas, innovation, and creative approaches. What used to work no longer works. I get that. But we can’t just expect things to continue as they have been. We need to not be afraid to try new things."

Head of Global Talent Acquisition for
30,000-person technology infrastructure provider

“Leading with real, relevant data brings other business leaders into the conversation and makes them part of the solution. If my hiring partner wanted to make me aware of these kinds of things with real data, that would help me to advocate for them with our other stakeholders."

VP of Talent Acquisition and Retention for
global firm with 70,000+ employees