An RPO Case Study: How to Transition Your Recruiting Organization [Webinar]

Managing talent acquisition in highly competitive industries is always a challenge. Mix in the additional challenges of mergers and acquisitions and a decentralized recruiting function and the task gets even harder.

When faced with those challenges this company had to choose to maintain the status quo, or to reorganize their recruiting into a streamlined centralized recruiting function.

In this webinar, Jimmy Taylor and Juste Turner of Novotus present a case study on the three year partnership to build a centralized corporate recruiting function for their client.

In this 40-minute webinar, you will learn:

  1. What led to the organizations decision to centralize.
  2. Why choose an outsourced provider rather than build it in-house.
  3. The best practices and lessons learned through the process.
  4. Scorecards of results and cost of the program compared to industry averages.
  5. How to improve and get to the business of measuing the quality of a hire.


Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor is the Co-Founder of Novotus, Inc. He has more than 20 years of experience in the staffing industry including 10 years in RPO. Jimmy is also the founder of several staffing companies and a Board Member for Dallas/Fort Worth Staffing Mgmt Assoc.
Juste Turner
Juste Turner is Novotus Director of Client Services. He has more than 10 years of recruiting experience including 6 years in RPO. Juste manages teams responsible for recruiting across the U.S. and internationally.