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A Quick Guide to Understanding Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

Turn your HR Function into a Strategic Executive Resource  


When implemented correctly, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) enhances recruiting effectiveness and gives an organization a competitive advantage. By improving recruiting and hiring, an organization places the right people in the right positions, creating an environment where everybody wins: employees are happier, management is more effective, executives hit their numbers and the organization overall is better positioned for success.

This book presents recruitment process outsourcing as a viable solution to present-day hiring challenges. We explore reasons to consider RPO, metrics for measuring performance, keys for RPO success and pitfalls that lead to failure. This book is a quick guide for anybody interested in understanding recruitment process outsourcing.

In this eBook, you will learn about:

  • Core function of RPO
  • Why consider RPO?
  • Metrics for measuring RPO performance
  • Fears of adopting RPO
  • The 3 basic types of RPO engagement
  • The 3 main reasons RPO relationships fail
  • The 6 do's and don'ts in an RPO relationship
Download this eBook to learn all you need to know about recruitment process outsourcing and find out if it's the right solution for you.