As a leader in global compliance, payments, and hiring, Deel has been keeping a pulse on how hiring has changed. Download this complete report for a look at how international hiring has transformed.

What you'll find

Deel's latest report covering the last six months shows that the pace of global, distributed hiring is still accelerating.

  • Deel's data-pulled from 100+ worker contracts-indicate that rates of global hiring increased 145% or more in all regions, with companies in LATAM and APAC leading the way.
  • Given high demand for talent and a shortage of available candidates, companies are looking outside of higher-cost countries to find quality talent. As a result, salaries are rising around the world, in particular, Italy, Brazil, and India.
  • Demand for product and design roles is shifting from the US to countries such as Argentina and India.
  • London, Toronto, and Buenos Aires are the most popular cities for remote workers.
  • Ukraine makes its first appearance in the top three most popular countries in EMEA to hire from, second only to the United Kingdom.

The takeaway from employers and workers: Finding high-quality people might require broadening the pool you're hiring from. If you want great talent that won't cut into profiles, think more globally. For employees and contractors, finding the best job might require working for companies that aren't based in your home country. This shift is helping people find better opportunities, with salaries on the rise in many developing economies.

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About this Report

Using data from 100k+ across-border contracts across 150 countries and over 500k salary data points from Deel and third-party sources, Deel sheds light on what countries are hiring globally; who's being hired for what roles; and how this phenomenon is impacting global payments and salaries. Trends are tracked over six months, from January-June 2022, and countries represented all have 20+ employer-worker contracts on file at the time of the report's release. This is Deel's second report.

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About Deel

Deel is the leading global hiring, compliance, and payroll solutions built to help businesses hire anyone, anywhere. Using a tech-enabled self-serve process, Deel customers can bring on independent contractors and hire full-time employees in over 150 countries, compliantly in minutes. With more than 250 legal, accounting, mobility, and tax experts as partners, Deel allows any business to create, sign and send compliant localized contracts and pay teams in more than 120 currencies with just a click. Contractors can also withdraw a percentage of or their entire paychecks in cryptocurrency—Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Dash, and USDC.

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