Creating candidate personas helps guide your hiring process, identify the best talent for your organization, and optimize your recruitment marketing. In today's talent landscape, hiring exceptional talent is no longer about just matching qualifications with job requirements—it's about connecting with candidates on a deeper level and understanding what truly drives them.  This is where candidate personas become so important. Incorporating candidate personas into your recruitment process will help personalize the candidate experience and improve the effectiveness of your overall talent acquisition strategy. 

In this 30-minute webinar, Zach Coffey of Hueman RPO, walks you through the critical elements of creating a candidate persona based on the skills and personality attributes of those who succeed in that specific role. Learning how to create effective personas will help your team identify the best talent for your organization.

What you'll learn

  • What is a candidate persona
  • The process and who should be involved in creating an effective candidate persona
  • Key benefits of incorporating candidate personas into your recruiting and hiring process

Who Should Attend

The content of this webinar is intended for: 

  • Business leaders
  • HR and TA Leaders
  • Recruitment professionals
  • Anyone interested in enhancing their recruiting process

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Meet the speaker

Zach Coffey

Zach Coffey
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Hueman

Zach is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Hueman. He has been in the talent acquisition and recruitment industry for 7+ years where he has significant recruiting and sourcing experience across most industries in North America. Zach currently focuses on building strategic partnerships in Hueman’s RPO division. He consistently provides consulting on innovative ways to leverage company culture to structure and enhance recruiting programs. His passion for culture-based hiring has enabled Zach to successfully support more than 50+ organizations throughout his 6+ years with Hueman. Zach graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma Baptist University and is an accomplished singer and songwriter.  


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Hueman RPO is a nationwide people solutions organization focusing on core value-based hiring. Hueman forges strategic partnerships to source, screen, and recruit culture and value-matched candidates on behalf of our partners. We leverage our own strong culture of engagement, which is exemplified in our consistent ranking on Fortune Magazine’s Best Place to Work for 16 years, in addition to being recognized by Gallup as one of the “Top Most Engaged Companies in the World’. With more than 27+ years in the recruiting and talent acquisition industry, Hueman has extensive experience filling volume and specialized talent in roles across most industries. 

Our RPO solutions allow organizations to outsource all or part of their recruitment processes to Hueman, to recruit under their brand and banner (for short- and long-term engagements). Within our partnerships, we dedicate managed and trained recruiter resources, implement a suite of advanced technology, leverage our best-in-class digital recruitment marketing tools and recruitment process, and much more. From entry-level to leadership positions, we source, screen, and recruit professionals that match the core values of our partners. By leveraging experience learned and refined over more than 500,000 hires, our partnerships focus on maximizing the candidate and hiring manager experience, allowing Hueman to streamline processes, drive efficiency, reduce time to fill, drive significant cost savings, and ultimately, get the best quality professionals hired into all of our partner’s positions.

In addition to our primary service offering, RPO, we also offer direct hire and executive search services, talent acquisition consulting services, and digital recruitment marketing solutions.


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