The team at Advanced RPO, a leading national recruitment process outsourcing provider, has the opportunity to talk with organizations of all shapes and sizes. Never before have we seen such divided sentiment around the economy and hiring.

In this 30-minute webinar, the panel will take a look at some of those opposing views and talk about what they mean for recruiting.

What you'll learn

  • Economic trends impacting the talent market and shaping recruiting trends
  • How CEOs and CHROs view hiring
  • The transformation of the Great Resignation to the Great Stay
  • Insights into the vanishing U.S. workforce
  • How Advanced RPO can partner and support companies with the “ups and downs” of hiring

Other questions answered by the panelists:

  1. What have you seen companies doing to combat the vanishing workforce and accommodate employee demand for more flexibility?
  2. What economic factors have the greatest impact on hiring?
  3. Being we went from the great resignation to the great stay, how are companies attracting talent if they are more inclined to stay put?

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Meet the speakers

Tanya Cohen

Tanya Cohen
Director of Business Development

Tanya is a Director of Business Development at Advanced RPO, she helps companies explore a Recruitment Process Outsourcing partnership to give them a competitive edge through talent acquisition strategies.  She partners with companies to learn about their unique hiring landscape and share how we immerse ourselves in their culture; becoming an extension of their team to create a synergistic, tailored recruitment solution that drives business results. 

She’s passionate about optimizing hiring to do more than simply fill positions.  Today’s fast-paced, talent-driven market demands a modern candidate & hiring experience designed to effectively find and attract the right talent for every organization.

David Griffiths

David Griffiths
Director of Business Development

David is a Director of Business Development at Advanced RPO.  In this role he partners with organizations to provide a streamlined recruitment solution to increase quality, speed of hire, and give companies a competitive advantage in the battle for talent.  He works with organizations to formulate a tailored solution across the entire recruiting lifecycle, from employment brand, hiring process redesign, sourcing, screening, administration, and more.   

With over 10 years of experience in RPO, he understands the importance of a true partnership.  Successful solutions often require a combination of strategies aimed at addressing your organization's unique needs and challenges and building those solutions is where his passion lies.

Justin King

Justin King
Director of Solution Design

Justin has been in the RPO space for over 10 years, with experience in both operations and program design. Over his career, he has been able to work with companies of all sizes, and across a multitude of industries, to revitalize their talent acquisition functions. Justin’s hands on recruiting experience, coupled with his RPO program design background, give him a unique ability to work with organizations to identify opportunities within their TA program, and then craft an RPO solution to enhance recruiting programs and drive continued business success.

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Advanced RPO is the industry’s most trusted and respected hiring partner, serving high-growth, mid-market and large organizations.

Behind our flexible and custom hiring solutions is an experienced, consultative team led by RPO industry veterans. Our high-touch, technology-enabled approach gives clients the recruiting scalability and workforce agility they need to thrive in any market environment. 

Through our tailored talent acquisition solutions, we can support the entire candidate lifecycle from employment brand and recruiting, to hiring process redesign and candidate screening and data analytics, coaching, compliance, onboarding and more. 

Advanced RPO clients report 95+% hiring manager and candidate satisfaction, and the company is a ClearlyRated Best of RPO® Award winner with a 94.1% Net Promoter Score that’s highest in the industry.

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