In this 30-minute webinar, thinker, writer, creator, builder, leader, and co-founder of FairNow, Guru Sethupathy tackles the issue of AI governance in recruiting, providing a framework to understanding AI governance (ethics, fairness, bias, security, regulations, etc,) and questions to ask technology vendors. 

What you'll learn:

  • Stay Ahead: Learn about current AI trends in recruitment and the importance of governance.
  • Ensure Compliance: See if the AI-enabled tools you use are in scope for new AI regulations.
  • Get Practical: Gain actionable strategies to implement AI governance.
  • Essential Questions To Ask Your AI Vendors: And The Answers You Should Expect

Key Takeaways

  • Trends & Challenges: Understand the evolving role of AI in recruitment.
  • Compliance Tips: How to navigate the complex landscape of regulations.
  • Fair Practices: Best practices for maintaining fairness and transparency.

Who Should Attend?

This free webinar is applicable to all recruiting professionals who want to position for safe and effective AI adoption in their recruiting role. 

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Meet the speaker

Guru Sethupathy

Guru Sethupathy
CEO & Co-Founder Of FairNow

Guru Sethupathy has dedicated nearly two decades to understanding the impact of powerful technologies, such as AI, on business value, risks, and the workforce. He has written research papers on bias in algorithmic systems and the implications of AI technology on jobs. At McKinsey, he advised Fortune 100 leaders on harnessing the power of analytics and AI, while managing risks. As a senior executive at Capital One, he built the People Analytics, Technology, and Strategy function, leading both AI innovations as well as AI risk management in HR. Most recently, Guru founded a new venture, FairNow. FairNow’s AI governance software reflects Guru’s commitment to helping organizations maximize the potential of AI while managing risks through good governance. When he’s not thinking about AI governance, you can find him on the tennis court, just narrowly escaping defeat at the hands of his two daughters. Guru has a BS in Computer Science from Stanford and a PhD in Economics from Columbia.

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