Talent acquisition technology is inevitable to meet the ever-growing customer expectations around fulfillment TAT, Quality, and Costs. Talent Acquisition (TA) is the most prominent function of HR. The TA Tech market is rapidly changing with too many options, alternatives, and innovations. So, how can HR and business leaders be equipped to make strategic choices for future business growth?

In this 30-minute RPO Leadership Forum webinar hosted by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, HR technology veteran Swamy Sriperumbudur will provide a dynamic and engaging overview to empower RPO and other recruiting providers to understand the TA tech landscape.

What you'll learn

  • The various types of  technology solutions fundamentally needed for talent acquisition 

  • The basic number of tools needed to meet talent acquisition requirements

  • How recruiting service providers can build a TA Tech foundation based on growth and ROI gains

  • How to evaluate and select the best TA tech solutions

  • TA technology from different lenses: vendor view, customer view, RPO view, and staffing view

The intended audience of this webinar is recruiting service providers (RPOs, MSP, Staffing companies, etc.).

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Meet the speaker

Swamy Sriperumbudur

Swamy Sriperumbudur

Swamy has extensive experience in global markets and dynamic industries, serving in multiple leadership roles since 1997. He has transformed strategies and processes leading both start-up and turn-around businesses, consistently leading to tangible and stable performers. He holds a patent for an innovative tool he developed to streamline Verizon processes.

Webinar Partner

MapRecruit is a multi-module recruitment automation platform.

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About the rpo leadership forum

Thought Leadership for Talent Leaders

The RPO Leadership Forum is a monthly webinar series hosted by Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association’s Executive Director, Lamees Abourahma, which features top talent leaders from the RPO industry. Webinars are scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of each month at noon ET and cover topics related to RPO drivers, adoption, best practices, and trends. 

The RPO Leadership Forum furthers RPOA’s mission of nurturing a collaborative community where thought leadership can be created and curated to educate the marketplace about RPO.

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