Deciding to outsource your recruitment to an outside provider can impact not only your Human Resources function but also your business results. Many of your business objectives are affected by the quality of talent your company acquires and retains. Therefore, it is critical to choose the right recruitment process outsourcing partner for your company.

But let’s face it. Sometimes vendors over promise and under deliver. That's part of doing business, though it can be costly to disengage with a partner and restart the process of seeking, vetting, and engaging with a new provider that fits your company's hiring needs.

How can you avoid the wrong RPO provider? What should you look for when vetting RPO providers? How can you guarantee success and avoid failure?

This eBook provides you with warning signs (red flags) to look for when seeking an RPO relationship. It should serve as a resource when evaluating potential partners.


Inside this eBook you'll find

  • Eight (8) warning signs to look for when selecting an RPO vendor. 
  • The truth about what a good RPO vendor will provide.
  • Good questions to help you vet and select the right RPO firm.

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