Automating the recruitment process and improving efficiency is one of the biggest upward shifts in recruiter priorities for 2021, according to a recent study by Jobvite. Recruitment automation elevate some of the high pressures on today’s recruiters. This is crucially important considering the increased demand and shortage of supply of recruiters in today’s talent landscape.

Automation also improves the speed of the hiring process. Moving candidates forward faster through the hiring process reduces time-to-hire and cuts costs.

In this webinar, Sarah Wise, Operations Director with Fundraising Direct, and Stephan Rivard, Founder and Managing Partner of LearningBranch, present a collaborative case study for recruitment automation.

Take a peek into Fundraising Direct’s journey to cutting costs and improving performance with automated hiring assessment.

This webinar is intended for both recruitment providers and employers.

What you'll learn

  • Fundraising Direct’s unique hiring challenges
  • LearningBranch’s four-in-one candidate assessment model
  • How LearningBranch improved hiring performance which in turn improved fundraising performance.


Result Highlights

"We have a 90% Non-Interview model with all our new hires. We reduced staffing by 1.5 FTE and increased pledges for our clients by 10%. I now have the gift of time." 

Sarah Wise, Operations Manager, Fundraising Direct


Eliminated 1.5 ETF (90k)


Increased pledges by 10%


Reduced time to hire to 1-2 days

Meet the speakers

Sarah Wise

Sarah Wise
Operations Director with Fundraising Direct

Sarah has over twenty years experience in the fundraising industry and a passion for human rights. With a degree in Law and a post-graduate Legal Masters in ‘International Development Law & Human Rights’, Sarah combines her knowledge and experience to raise funds for humanitarian causes and beyond! Sarah loves to read and workout in her spare time, as well as spend time working on the garden.

Stephane Rivard

Stephane Rivard
Co-Founder and Managing Partner of LearningBranch

While being an entrepreneur at heart, it was by creating my first business during university that my passion for technology developed.

(By the way, I have a little anecdote: my friends and I used to go to the computer lab at lunchtime to write computer programs!)

I quickly realized that technology and, more importantly, artificial intelligence could revolutionize the recruiting and training process. As a result, I saw opportunities that would help companies streamline hiring, improve performance while saving time and money.

This is how I created LearningBranch.

Webinar Partner

LearningBranch, the world’s first soft skill assessment and training platform, is building a suite of assessment, training, and analytical products that help businesses shift customer service into customer excellence.

Our vision is to become the world’s leading provider of AI-Driven communicative competency training and assessments, allowing millions of learners to communicate more effectively and professionally, improving their lives and careers in a connected world.

Learn more at

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