In this 40-minute webinar, Andrew Brown, Head of Outsourcing Partners at Cornerstone OnDemand, provides an expert look at the growing demands on recruiting outsourcing organizations to support Total Talent journeys.

From hiring for future skills to reskilling to performance management, Brown distills insights from hundreds of outsourcing partners into this informative session.


Organizations, in the U.S. and globally, have been shifting their hiring practices over the last few years in response to changes in candidate behavior and skill-shortage, among other drivers. It was a tight labor market pre-Covid, then turned to a candidate-driven market during Covid. Regardless of the labor market conditions, the fact remains that there is a skill shortage in the labor market and organizations have to get creative in finding talent. But, how?

Recently, many organizations started thinking of the workforce holistically as a heterogeneous body of different classification workers; the lines between contingent, permanent, and other classification workers have been blurring.

Traditionally, organizations designated different departments, people, and processes to recruit for contingent vs permanent hires. Recruiting providers, in turn, either operated in the MSP or RPO space. Recently, some TA pioneers saw the need to approach hiring more holistically, merging all of the above into a single solution, hence, the rise of total talent acquisition (TTA).

RPOs who fail to transition their business to support and deliver total talent solutions are likely to miss on big opportunities, and even risk becoming irrelevant to their clients.

In this informative webinar, Brown reviews the evolution of total talent acquisition and shares new shifts his organization is seeing in the TTA market. Brown argues that the trend goes beyond the emergence of Total Talent into areas such as Learning and Talent Management.

What You'll Learn

  • An understanding of the recent evolution of the recruitment outsourcing market.
  • Drivers for the shift towards total talent acquisition.
  • The opportunity for RPOs with total talent acquisition
  • The importance of technology in supporting total talent solutions
  • How Cornerstone can help address recruiting outsourcing clients' ever-evolving needs.

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who should attend


Outsourcing Leaders

Leaders and top executives of RPO and MSP organizations looking to stay informed of market shifts and business opportunities.

Meet the speaker

andrew brown

Andrew Brown
Head of Recruitment Outsourcing Partners at Cornerstone OnDemand

Andrew Brown began his career over 10 years ago supporting partners across MSP and RPO technology platforms as a value-added consultant delivering innovative technology.

Today, as the Head of Recruitment Outsourcing Partners at Cornerstone OnDemand, he works with partners on technology solutions to support their total talent solutions for their clients. 



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Quick Preview


Andrew Brown and Lamees Abourahma push all boundaries of RPO from total talent to onboarding to reskilling. Here are a few highlights from the discussion:

  • The evolution of recruitment process outsourcing
  • The challenge of skill shortage in the talent marketplace
  • RPO & Onboarding
  • RPO and Total Talent

Access the full webinar to listen to the informative and forward-looking conversation.

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