The newly released 2023 RPO Trends report provides data-driven insights into the current value and buying considerations for RPO buyers. The report is based on the RPO Trends Study, an annual collaboration between the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association and Lighthouse Research and Advisory.

What can employers learn from this report, and how can they apply it to their hiring strategy in 2024? What are talent acquisition leaders who are experiencing success with their RPO partnership doing, and what can you learn from them?

In this 60-minute panel, the speakers combine insights from the 2023 RPO Trends Study with their professional experiences to discuss the following topics:

  • What services do RPO buyers expect vs receive?
  • What are the top considerations for RPO buyers in 2024?
  • What are the top reasons employers leave their RPO partners?
  • What is hindering the increased adoption of RPO in the market? 

Find out at this webinar when Ben Eubanks, Pam Verhoff, and Jason Krumwiede share key takeaways and insights from the 2023 RPO Trends report. They discuss actionable findings you can use to start or improve an RPO partnership in 2024 and beyond. 

RPO Trends 2023

Access this webinar to learn how you can drive RPO success for your organization guided by research data and expert insights.

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who should benefit


Talent Acquisition Professionals

Talent leaders of any employer looking to understand the value of RPO or optimize their existing RPO should find this webinar extremely informative.


RPO Providers

Business leaders of recruiting companies looking to stay current on what RPO clients want when selecting or working with an RPO provider should find great value from this webinar.


Technologies, Investors, Analysts, and Consultants

Talent tech companies, analysts, investors, and HR consultants should find the webinar informative to gain a deeper understanding of the RPO market, buyer expectations, and provider value proposition.

Meet the speakers

Pam Verhoff 2022

Pam Verhoff
President, Advanced RPO

Pam is an accomplished executive leader that has extensive experience building RPO businesses and solutions, as well as developing growth strategy. Pam is responsible for all aspects of strategic planning, sales and marketing, operations, financial management and compliance for Advanced RPO. Her success has largely been a result of building high performance teams and creating a values-driven culture resulting in exceptional employee engagement.

Pam is passionate about impacting every client’s talent acquisition results. The ultimate compliment is when clients tell her that Advanced RPO “gets it.”  She hears it often and Pam believes it’s a result of the experience and strength of the team along with the unique approach we take with each client engagement. Our agenda is not to disrupt; it is to collaborate, innovate, and leverage best practices to create an efficient hiring program. Pam’s goal is to provide business leaders peace of mind by creating confidence in their talent acquisition function.

Jason Krumwiede

Jason Krumwiede
Executive Vice President, Broadleaf Results

With twenty years of experience in leadership, business development, consulting, and management within the realms of Talent Acquisition and Human Capital services, Jason brings a wealth of expertise. In his role as a trusted advisor, he aims to assist clients in optimizing their recruitment and staffing processes by identifying opportunities for scalability and standardization through innovative, value-driven solutions. Through collaborative efforts and a thorough analysis of a client's hiring procedures, workforce, cost framework, and systems, Jason works in partnership to question and enhance their existing delivery structure. He strategically explores the use of recruitment outsourcing and assessments to achieve superior outcomes. Additionally, Jason actively contributes as an Advisory Member to the RPOA, offering guidance for the association's growth and development.

Ben Eubanks

Ben Eubanks
Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research and Advisory

Ben Eubanks is the Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory. He is an author, speaker, and researcher with a passion for telling stories and making complex topics easy to understand.

His latest book Talent Scarcity answers the question every business leader has asked in recent years: "Where are all the people, and how do we get them back to work?" It shares practical and strategic recruiting and retention ideas and case studies for every employer.

His first book, Artificial Intelligence for HR, is the world's most-cited resource on AI applications for hiring, development, and employee experience.

Ben has more than 10 years of experience both as an HR/recruiting executive as well as a researcher on workplace topics. His work is practical, relevant, and valued by practitioners from F100 firms to SMB organizations across the globe.

He has spoken to tens of thousands of HR professionals across the globe and enjoys sharing about technology, talent practices, and more. His speaking credits include the SHRM Annual Conference, Seminarium International, PeopleMatters Dubai and India, and over 100 other notable events.

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