In the era of digital transformation, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to attract, recruit, and retain top talent efficiently and effectively. Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a game-changing technology in the field of talent acquisition, revolutionizing the entire recruitment process.

In this 30-minute webinar, John Fitzgerald, President at LevelUp HCS, delves into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) in talent acquisition (TA) and its profound impact on talent acquisition.

What you'll learn

  • The Evolution of AI in TA
  • Current Usage of AI in TA
  • Limitations and Concerns
  • Case study: How AI is Optimizing the Candidate Experience
  • Future and Trends

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Meet the speakers

John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald
President at LevelUP HCS

John is a highly accomplished executive known for reshaping human capital. As the former Chief Human Resource Officer at a multinational investment bank, he revolutionized talent management by seamlessly integrating diversity, culture, conduct, and risk management with core business objectives, setting new industry benchmarks. At LevelUP, John leverages his expertise to architect an unparalleled talent acquisition and management technology stack. With a focus on efficiency, quality enhancement, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) best practices, he curates cutting-edge tools that empower organizations to achieve optimal results. His strategic vision positions LevelUP as a trailblazer, driving transformative advancements in the HR landscape through innovative technology integration. John's exceptional qualifications are strengthened by his educational background, including a master's degree from NYU's Management of Information Systems program and a finance degree from Salisbury University. These credentials enable him to leverage technology-business intersections and financial acumen in strategic decision-making.

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LevelUP Human Capital Solutions (HCS) is dedicated to supporting organizations in reaching their talent acquisition goals. We offer highly agile and personalized talent and consulting services, leveraging our global perspective, industry expertise, and our strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We serve as a collaborative partner and reliable resource, delivering cutting-edge and adaptable solutions that enable businesses to attract, recruit, and retain exceptional talent. By employing advanced agency search techniques, innovative technologies, and refined brand management strategies, we take pride in consistently delivering outstanding results tailored to the unique needs of each client. Learn more about us at 

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