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Give your business brand visibility in the RPO marketplace with a listing in the only platform exclusive to RPO.  

Talent acquisition and business leaders from all corners of the RPO ecosystem use the iCoCo Marketplace to search for RPO partners that fit their company's culture and meet their talent needs. 

The iCoCo Marketplace serves both RPO buyers and providers. You can add your company to the directory if you provide RPO solutions or if you serve RPO providers.  

Companies listed in the directory include

  • RPO service providers
  • RPO consultants
  • Recruiting technology vendors
  • Marketing and other service providers
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Listing Benefits

credible rpo providers

Build bigger brand awareness in the RPO marketplace

detailed company profile

Give your RPO business higher visibility with qualified prospects and potential partners

expert rpo consultants

Gain the trust of potential RPO clients through your affiliation with the RPO Association


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Maximize your exposure in the RPO marketplace as a strategic partner

icon 10-1

Reach potential RPO clients in varying phases of the procurement selection process

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Share relevant information with potential RPO clients looking to engage a partner


“When I started researching RPO for my company, I went on the RPOA website, found companies with experience in our specific industry, went through a formal RFP process, and that’s how we eventually found our RPO partner."
“We found the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association online when our company first decided to enhance our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) as part of our talent acquisition strategy. The RPOA resources helped the team to learn more about RPO's, and we utilized the iCoCo Marketplace to research companies, decide on vetting criteria, and compile list of finalists to contact.”