Organizations today have adopted diversity, and removing bias from applicant screening processes like never before, but even with this new level of effort - many still struggle with change. In this webinar, learn how over 3400 companies are achieving greater diversity through industry best practices and innovation that automatically improves diversity outcomes in 3 steps and in just 10 days.

What you'll learn



How to open your sourcing capabilities to reach a broader, more diverse group of candidates.



Understand how to make meaningful connections with authentic, online diverse communities.


Mitigating bias

How to use AI solutions to create a systematic and debiased process.

Meet the speakers

Bill Fanning Round

Bill Fanning
Chief Revenue Officer

Bill is a Sales and Marketing leader with more than 20 years of success driving revenue growth in both start-ups and large organizations. Bill has successfully built high-performing sales and marketing leadership teams from the ground up including recruiting key talent, defining, and developing winning go-to-market strategies, and creating partnerships with numerous industry partners leading to amazing growth.

As Chief Revenue Officer for ThisWay Global Bill has been instrumental in quickly helping to forge new partnerships with large industry service providers that will enable TWG to scale from 50 customers to over 3,400 in 2021 alone. Bill will also be focused on redefining ThisWay’s Brand and Marketing strategy along with key initiatives in Enterprise Sales, Staffing, and HR Technology partnerships

Prior to ThisWay, Bill was also part of the leadership team at JobTarget, a Recruitment Technology platform where he helped lead the launch of a conceptual product to become a leader in the Recruitment Advertising Market. Bill also has extensive experience in Human Capital Management, Talent Management, and Recruitment Advertising as well as helping create an OFCCP compliance service that serves the Fortune 1000 marketplace.

Bill is originally from Beverly, Massachusetts, and is a veteran of the United States Army, where he served both as an enlisted soldier and officer in the Infantry. He is a graduate of Salem State University and resides in New Hampshire with his wife and 4 children.

As a proud military veteran and concerned parent, Bill finds diversity at the forefront of his focus, and a key driver for joining ThisWay Global. Each person in today’s workforce needs to be treated fairly, and with equality and helping drive, TWG’s growth enables today’s leading employers to do just that.

Angela Hood

Angela Hood
Founder & CEO

Angela Hood is the Founder/CEO of ThisWay Global, an international, VC-backed HR tech company that was incubated at ideaSpace – University of Cambridge, UK, with new offices now in the US. ThisWay's team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, global PhD’s in the areas of machine learning and AI, as well as talented Millennials from across the globe.

Over the last twenty years, Angela has founded and built three companies, in sectors that range from architecture to the licensing industry. The common core in each has been her ability to build consensus amongst stakeholders, whether they be individuals, businesses or international governments.

Angela is a recognized thought leader on the topics of "Diversity and ROI" and "AI in the new world of work."

Without knowing her history, it would seem that the leap from land development to tech development is a big one. However, ThisWay is the manifestation of Angela's drive to solve big problems. As early as 1992, when she founded the Texas A&M College of Architecture Career Fair, through her award-winning land development plan in the early 2000s, she has always sought to find meaningful solutions to big challenges.

Currently involved with:
ideaSpace-University of Cambridge: Alumni Founder
Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs: Lifetime Fellow
Cambridge Wireless: Founder Member
Enterprise Nation: Entrepreneurship Mentor for both Growth and Hiring

Watch the Webinar

In his 30-minute presentation, Bill Fanning walks us through all the important questions of diversity and inclusion (from how the workforce is changing to why D&I is important) and shows us how organizations can achieve workforce diversity & inclusion with the right approach and technology. 

Key  highlights from the webinar

  • The workforce is dramatically changing
  • By 2044, America will have no minorities
  • 45% of American workers experienced discrimination and/or harassment in the past year
  • D&I can be achieved by becoming systematic in the process
  • Top companies are executing and winning a diverse workforce now. 

Watch the webinar for a lot more insights and solid advice on D&I in the workplace. Plus, listen to the Q&A at the end of the presentation where webinar host, Lamees Abourahma, asks both Bill and Angela about common mistakes organizations make when it comes to their D&I, examples of some organizations who are doing well or not, and the interesting story of how Angela started the company.

Notable Remarks

“The right approach to diversity is to first remove bias. Then, let the candidates show you who they are.  You’ll naturally end with a great mix of qualified candidates for the job. That’s the great thing.”

Angela Hood
CEO & Founder, ThisWay Global

“A diversity mindset is achieved by involving all team members and giving them ownership of outcomes...especially in larger organizations.”

Bill Fanning
CRO, ThisWay

“D&I needs to be something that every single employee at the company has a stake in.”

Bo Young Lee
Chief D&I Officer, Uber

“A bad job description causes a candidate to not even apply, when they’re fully qualified, and they want to work for you.”


Angela Hood
CEO & Founder, ThisWay Global

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