In Times of Talent Readiness, RPO is a New Hero

Market disruption is a problem for organizations built on predictability and risk aversion. With COVID-19, the state of talent acquisition is not fluid enough to handle fluctuations in the pendulum between supply and demand of labor. The good news is that RPO can drastically improve the odds of readiness. 

Aberdeen Research Analyst, Zachary Chertok, routinely surveys 16 different industry verticals to understand what challenges different organizations under a host of different scenarios. He uses Aberdeen’s native intent engine to then map how those challenges impact buyer behavior in different areas of human capital management. 

In this report, In Times of Talent Readiness, RPO is a New Hero, he talks about how talent organizations are in a unique position to assess the talent market and remake the skills acquisition strategy stronger and more forward looking than it is for the average organization. As the market faces its biggest disruption since the Great Depression, industries need to transform to face facts about their resilience, adaptability, and sustainability. While some work cultures and setups can weather the storm, others will need to account for new contingency factors for worker health and public safety – and this goes beyond just providing a safe, clean workplace. 

Prior to the current state of affairs, 51% of HR organizations (HROs) were being pushed to reduce labor costs at a time when narrowing skills demand was shrinking talent pools for a rising number of roles. As talent shortages mounted, more of the eligible workforce was being pushed to contingent and contracted positions that diminished job security and offered fewer benefits and other coverage options. As the mechanics of this come home to roost amidst a host of other consumer-based realities, how the world of work and employment changes in the aftermath will need to reflect the reality that employees and consumers are one in the same. 

RPOs are a key asset toward creating deeper market matches between talent and employers. Longer retention rates built on concepts of continuous talent redeployment and talent placement optimization rely on deep market matches to kick off continuous employee growth cycles within an organization.

Access the report to see Aberdeen’s latest findings. You're also encouraged to reach out directly to Zach to hear more about Aberdeen’s take on today’s environment and the future of talent. 

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