Core RPO Services - It's Not a One-Size Fits All [eBook]

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services can seem incredibly confusing to anyone who is not familiar with these emerging solutions. The RPO industry is not yet standardized, especially when it comes to services. Providers use different terminology to describe services, and different providers offer all or a subset of these services. This makes finding the right solution challenging for both RPO providers and customers. 

Do any of the following recruiting problems sound familiar?

  • your company acquired new venture(s) and you need to standardize your recruiting processes?
  • you need to staff your sales force or calling center with 50+ new talent within a couple of months?
  • you have a steady need for talent on an ongoing basis?
  • you experience fluctuations in hiring volume and find it challenging to scalable up or down your recruiting activities?
  • you need some consulting on your recruiting processes?

If you have any of the above recruiting challenges, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) might be a great solution for you. But, which RPO service do you need and why? This eBook outlines the 5 different RPO categories and explains which best fits your specific recruiting needs.

Download the eBook and start your RPO research now!